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APR 2019

Cement Americas provides comprehensive coverage of the North and South American cement markets from raw material extraction to delivery and tranportation to end user.

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32 CEMENT AMERICAS • Spring 2019 • www.cementamericas.com PRODUCTS Camfil APC Introduces Gold Cone X-Flo Filter Cartridges Camfil APC introduced the Gold Cone X-Flo (GCX) Filter Cartridge for high-efficiency industrial dust collection. Building on the prov- en performance of HemiPleat Gold ConeTM technology, GCX filters stay cleaner and last longer than conventional pleated filters, according to the company. GCX filter cartridges use a proprietary inner pleat pack with an open-bottomed, inner-cone of media that greatly expands the usable surface area of the cartridge. Because the HemiPleat design exposes more media to the airstream, more dust is loaded on the filter and released during pulse cleaning. These filters are available in a selection of regular or nano fiber media and are guaranteed to meet EPA parti- cle emission requirements. GCX filters were designed specifically for Camfil APC's new Gold Series X-Flo (GSX) dust collector. The unique location of the GCX filter in the collector enables more downward-fac- ing media than standard, competitive systems. The cone is configured so that pulsed air is evenly distributed top to bottom along the outer pack of the filter and down through the inner cone pack. That means with each pulse, the GCX cone cartridge ejects more dust out of the collector, straight down to the hopper. This design offers an advantage over horizontal-style filters that pulse most of the dust back onto adjacent filters. Used together, the GSX collector and GCX filter are the most powerful and cost-efficient dust collection system on the market. The system maximizes airflow while mini- mizing filter change-outs, compressed air usage and ener- gy costs. GSX dust collectors are ideal for industrial appli- cations that produce or process fine, fibrous and heavy dusts and fumes. GSX dust collectors exceed OSHA mandates for indoor air quality and are tested to meet NFPA and ATEX standards. They are available with many explosion protection options including explosion vents, isolation valves, integrated safe- ty monitoring filters and fire-retardant filter cartridges. GSX collectors benefit industries like pharmaceutical, min- ing, food processing and chemical processing, and metal- working applications like welding, thermal spray, plasma cutting, laser cutting and abrasive blasting. Camfil APC, www.camfilapc.com Plibrico's Rapid Response Helps Customers W h e n e m e rg e n c y s i t u a t i o n s arise, response time is critical. For a refractory customer with a heat-processing equipment failure, rapid response, in the moment of need, is critical and can mean the difference between becoming operational in a matter of hours, verses days or in some cases even weeks. Plibrico Co. reported on its swift, around-the-clock reaction to customer requests due to its agile customer service. In 2018 the company increased resources and hired additional staff to continually deliver exceptional service to its partners and customers across the country. The move comes at a time when Plibrico says system repairs, upgrades and retrofits are more important than ever. Overall customer growth and production demands have fueled the need for continuous customer support, explained Brad Taylor, president and CEO of Plibrico Co. "In the world of refractories, things can change in a moment's notice with the unexpected occurring at the worst possible time. By becoming a supplier that responds the quickest in emergency situations, Plibrico has won over new custom- ers, and reaffirmed the trust of long-term partners and cus- tomers." Over the last year, the Plibrico team has demonstrated time and again how its customer driven core value, combined with swift response and flexibility, is enabling PliPartners and customers alike to get their critical heating systems back on-line and operational quickly. "We stock many standard products in multiple locations across the United States so we can respond to emergen- cies quickly, in the moment of need," said Jeff Smith, Plibrico's plant manager, "It is our nonstandard products that provide us an opportunity to demonstrate our flexibil- ity and agility. Qualities that separate Plibrico from the rest of the industry." Smith went on to provide a list of instances where agile response helped customers last year. "Late on a Sunday night, Plibrico's customer service team had a customer

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