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APR 2012

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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CHAIRMAN'S REPORT VINCE BUSSIO, ACPA from outside North America, which the association sees as consti- tuting a major threat to both business and safety. "When you're the top dog for storm drain pipe, everyone is always barking at your heels," Bussio explains. "So we have to continue to defend that. Our frustrations come when engineers don't challenge the new products appropriately. Where's the research? Where's the time that needs to go into these products before they can make a decision? Do the en- gineers truly take the time to study and engineer the product? "We're constantly challenging the engineering soundness of com- petitive products. We ask that once they put a competitive product in the ground, check it. See if it's performing the way they thought it would. We are really focused on post-installation inspection, not only for our competitive products but for ourselves. Look at con- crete pipe as well. We're going to continue to defend the market- share aggressively. We want an even playing field. "What's interesting is that recently, we're seeing some back-ped- dling by some competitive products; I really believe that's because of performance. They're really starting to get hammered after being in the ground 10 or 15 years. What happens is that they are chameleons, and they just change the color or their product and change their product logo to say, 'New and Improved.' It's a great marketing ploy. Are we winning the battle? I think we're holding our own, with some slight improvement." PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE With 2012, ACPA begins a new three-year strategic plan, following its recently completed four-year plan. "We needed some new goals for them to work on," details Bussio. "ACPA is driven by its strate- gic plan, and Matt Childs and his team did an excellent job com- pleting the previous plan, and I have no doubt they will be able to achieve all the goals of the new one. I expect that as a result we'll expand market share over the next three years, and I'll be doing my very best to support that." As for Bussio's personal goals for his one-year term as chairman, he says he simply wants to unify the association in whatever ways he can and make sure all facets of the organization are marching to the same beat. "I want to make sure communication is strength- ened as to what ACPA is trying to accomplish, and we want to ask those who are not part of the association to join," he declares. "We're always trying to bring in those that are not members, and I'll do my best to help them see the value of their dues dollars. Sometimes that involves personal visits, trying to go their offices and show them the benefits they're getting and ask for their sup- port. Every concrete pipe plant in the United States and Canada benefits from the work of ACPA." WWW.CONCRETEPRODUCTS.COM APRIL 2012 | 35

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