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APR 2012

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS COMMAND ALKON PROGRAMS PROCESS CONTROL FOR PRECASTERS In the past year, Command Alkon has deployed system control technology, previewed at 2011 ConExpo-Con/Agg, for precast op- erations. COMMANDbatch CP delivers intelligent and flexible process control to improve and accelerate precast production. Advanced temperature and moisture control. COMMANDbatch CP is unique in its ability to combine current software technol- ogy, proven methods for controlling the batching process in any precast plant, and superior temperature and moisture control over the final product, system developers contend. With any combi- nation of bin and mixer mounted moisture probes, and a unique targeting method, it allows for flexible and quick moisture com- pensation to attain a high level of consistency. And, temperature graphing allows the operator to accurately predict the final con- crete temperature. Color dispenser: integrate vs. interface. COMMANDbatch CP enables producers to fully integrate their color systems. This ad- vanced capability allows for a fully automatic or manual control interface system from COMMANDbatch CP, optimizing water con- tent and providing long term storage of the exact color weight records with each load. Eliminates the need to keep records in two different systems. Enterprise-wide data and control. Remote access capabil- ities provide quality control staff real-time access to all batch records and moisture graphs on a load-by-load basis. Client/server technology supports enterprise-wide reporting, allowing remote managers to access reports without disrupt- ing the batching operation. Users can also archive data on the network for long-term storage and backup. Wireless remote call boxes and control. The flexibility of COMMANDbatch CP provides for various methods to call for the next batch. Options include manual call boxes to wireless com- puters, including an iPad, while the remote connection allows the load size and water content to be modified. Concrete delivery system control. The unique remote operator interface allows a supervisor to oversee all plant floor activity, adjust water content in the mix, and prioritize mix production and flying bucket delivery and discharge. Routine, fixed volume pouring, typical of prestressed hollow core and double tees, can be fully automated from mix production to casting bed. — WWW.CONCRETEPRODUCTS.COM APRIL 2012 | 39

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