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APR 2012

Concrete Products covers the issues that attract producers of ready mixed and manufactured concrete focusing on equipment and material technology, market development and management topics.

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INNOVATIONS EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS PORTABLE TOOL BIN The Aerial Tool Bin for aerial platforms, scis- sors, and boom lifts is designed to keep hand tools and supplies organized and within a worker's reach. Developed by De- More's Innovative Design, Inc., Menomonee Falls, Wis., the portable, triangular-shaped organizer attaches to square or rounded 90- degree corners of platform railings, where it is secured with two OSHA-compliant lock- ing bolts. Constructed from reinforced, non- conductive, UV-protected orange polypropylene, the Aerial Tool Bin is de- signed to provide a safer, clutter-free work- ing area by keeping tools and parts off the floor and at waist height. The organizer weighs 10 lb. and is de- signed to hold up to 50 lb. It measures 17- x 17-in., with a 26-in. front, and features three compartments with removable parti- tion walls. A multi-positional magnetic parts tray attaches to the metal strips on top of the bin. A tool belt holder safely se- cures a worker's tool belt to the front of the bin. Incorporated in the design is a built-in handle for easy carrying. — DeMore's In- novative Design, Inc., SILO LEVEL SENSOR The Model VHS vibrating rod level sensor is now available in a pipe extended version with overall insertion length ranging from 18 to 118 in., making it suited for top mounting in- stallations where silo oper- ators realize the advantages of no calibration and solid- state technology. The Model VHS Rod pipe ex- tended unit has a universal AC/DC power supply, low-den- sity detection capability to as lightweight as 3.12 lb./cu. ft. It will operate with powders that are dry and free-flowing as well as free-flow- ing granular materials, to provide reliable high, low and intermediate level control. It uses piezoelectric technology to create its harmonic vibration in the absence of material. When material is present the vi- bration is dampened and the sensor relay output changes state to indicate material presence. — BlueLevel Technologies, CART-MOUNTED POWER UNIT, RAM Designed for precision performance and ease of use, Hamilton Form's 3500 high-speed power unit is now available on a 4-wheel, steerable cart for easy maneuverability. Additionally, brackets are located behind the power unit for mounting a stressing ram and hoses. The specially designed cart makes mov- ing stressing equipment around the plant convenient and easy. — Hamilton Form, 817/590-2111; 40 | APRIL 2012 WWW.CONCRETEPRODUCTS.COM

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