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Cement Americas provides comprehensive coverage of the North and South American cement markets from raw material extraction to delivery and tranportation to end user.

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www.cementamericas.com • Winter 2017 • CEMENT AMERICAS 5 CEMENTSCOPE Ash Grove Cement announced that its Durkee, Ore., cement plant has been awarded the 2016 Energy Star plant certification. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Energy Star certification recognizes the plant's performance in the top 25 percent of ce- ment manufacturing facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meeting the strict energy efficiency per- formance levels set by the EPA. "We're honored that the EPA has awarded the Ash Grove Cement Co. Durkee plant its Energy Star award," said Terry Kerby, Durkee plant manager. "This achieve- ment demonstrates our strong commitment to environ- mental stewardship. We worked to improve energy effi- ciency, and by boosting energy efficiency, energy costs are lower for our domestic-made cement." The 2016 Energy Star award winners lead their indus- tries in the energy-efficient production and sale of prod- ucts and services, and in the development and adoption of world-class strategies that provide substantial ener- gy and efficiency. Ash Grove Cement Durkee improved its energy performance by strategically managing en- ergy use and making cost-effective improvements to its plant. Ash Grove's Seattle plant was awarded Energy Star plant certification in 2015. "The Energy Star is the distinguishing mark of ener- gy efficiency for cement manufacturing plants in the United States and identifies this plant's status among the most energy-efficient based on its performance in EPA's Energy Star energy performance scale," said Jean Lupinacci, chief of the Energy Star commercial and in- dustrial branch. To earn Energy Star certification, Ash Grove Cement Durkee implemented the following actions: • Installed Variable Frequency Drives on several fans throughout the facility to reduce energy use in each fan by up to 50 percent. • Installed a high-level supervisory computer system that maximizes output per kWH. • Adjusted mill parameters and raw materials in finish mills to maximize power efficiency in an over 4375 kw operation. Energy Star certified plants are required to have their energy performance independently verified. Manufac- turing plants must achieve an Energy Star score of 75 or higher using an industry-specific Energy Star Ener- gy Performance Indicator (EPI). EPIs measure a plant's energy performance and compare it to that of similar plants nationwide, generating an Energy Star score on a scale of 1 to 100. The first railway convoys are anticipated to become op- erational a few weeks after the beginning of cement production at the plant site in Port-Daniel–Gascons. The railway delivery system will allow McInnis Cement to reach the Atlantic provinces, Quebec, Ontario, and the U.S. with this mode of transportation. Ash Grove Plant Earns Energy Star Status Cemex Amends Take-Over Bid for Trinidad Cement Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V. announced that its indirect sub- sidiary, Sierra Trading, will present a change and vari- ation notice to the Dec. 5 offer and take-over bid for Trinidad Cement Ltd. (TCL). The company is increas- ing the offer price from TT$4.50 ($0.67) to TT$5.07 ($0.75) per TCL share in its aim to raise its stake in the Caribbean company from 39.5 percent to 74.9 percent. Sierra will also offer TCL shareholders, except those in Barbados, the option to be paid for their shares in Trin- idad and Tobago dollars or in U.S. dollars. Full accep- tance of the revised offer would result in a cash pay- ment by Sierra of approximately TT$672 million ($101 million). The revised offer price represents a premium of 50 percent over the Dec. 1 closing price of TCL's shares in the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange. Among other conditions, the offer will be conditional on Sierra acquiring at least an amount of TCL shares that would allow Cemex, for financial reporting pur- poses, to consolidate TCL. Unless extended, the offer period is expected to close on Jan. 24 at 3.00 p.m. Trinidad and Tobago time. All other terms and condi- tions of the Dec. 5 offer not modified by the amended offer remain unchanged. If the offer is successful, TCL will continue operating as usual. Additionally, TCL will be maintained as a pub- licly listed company on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange with the benefit of a strong local share- holding together with the enhanced benefit of proven management and operational expertise from Cemex, noted the company. TCL's main operations are in Trinidad and Tobago, Ja- maica and Barbados. TCL is the majority shareholder of Caribbean Cement Co. Ltd., a main cement producer in Jamaica.

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