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Cement Americas provides comprehensive coverage of the North and South American cement markets from raw material extraction to delivery and tranportation to end user.

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www.cementamericas.com • Spring 2017 • CEMENT AMERICAS 17 FEATURE • Data analysis: parameters check using our calculation programs, analysis of collected data, identification of possible solutions. • Drafting of an intervention project and proposal to the customer. www.gambarotta.it 15. Semi-Ceramic Pulley Lagging ASGCO added a semi-ceramic option to its pulley lag- ging product line, featuring 40 percent coverage. With this newest addition, customers have a choice between full-ceramic coverage with the Arrowhead Ceramic Pulley Lagging for high tension drive pulleys, and the Semi-Ce- ramic Lagging for smaller pulleys, non-drive pulleys and bend pulleys. The improved ceramic tiles are embedded in rubber on all sides and separated by a horizontal groove for dispelling water and dirt. It provides robust performance in dry, wet or muddy applications. ASGCO's pre-chemical backing provides an exceptional bond for rubber-to-metal applica- tions, and easy installation. Other features and benefits include: • Increased productivity by delivering increased traction between the conveyor belt and pulley, allowing for lower belt tension than with rubber lagging. • Reduced down time on non-drive pulleys, where pulley change-out due to excessive wear is difficult. • Superior bonding strength due to 3 mm of neoprene compound vulcanized into the bottom-side of the lag- ging. • Rounded corners that allow better adhesion between the rubber and the tile. ASGCO's Semi-Ceramic Lagging is supplied in 15-in. x 32.81-ft. rolls for full versatility. www.asgco.com 16. Plant Clean-Up Cement plants experience spilled material and track-out around the facility, requiring durable sweepers. Materials can be a combination of crushed lime, coke and finished cement product. In addition, the cement product is reac- tive when in contact with water. Sweepers with waterless/dry dust control such as the El- gin Industrial Waterless Pelican and the Waterless Eagle are the most effective in cement plant applications. These sweepers can sweep dry dusty particles without using wa- ter to suppress dust. The Elgin Industrial Waterless Pel- ican also has an industrial option that includes reduced broom speed, a lower roller deflector and special skirting all designed for superior performance in bulk powder ap- plications. www.elginsweeper.com 17. Refractory Solutions For more than a century, Plibrico has pioneered the re- search and development of monolithic refractory technol- ogy. Seeded in the art and science of ceramic engineering, the company provides the knowledge and expertise in alu- minosilicate and high-alumina refractories that is essential for the most demanding thermal conditions. "Through our expertise in refractory materials, engineering, installation and construction, Plibrico is your single source for safe, reliable turnkey refractory solutions," the company said. "For many industrial refractory applications, our experi- enced team of refractory specialists, or PliPartners, will consult with you to recommend and install the best re- fractories for your unique application," the company said. "From concept to completion, our PliPartners will remain

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