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Cement Americas provides comprehensive coverage of the North and South American cement markets from raw material extraction to delivery and tranportation to end user.

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26 CEMENT AMERICAS • Winter 2018 • www.cementamericas.com PRODUCTS Martin Engineering introduced a porta- ble vibrator that activates the free flow of bulk materials from closed-top hop- per railcars. With one of the highest force to weight ratios available in the marketplace, the Martin IMP3 Impact- ing Railcar Vibrator delivers the power required to evacuate compacted bulk materials such as portland cement. Extremely high quality standards for the design deliver superior equipment reliability and long service life, allow- ing the competitively priced units to improve workplace safety with very lit- tle maintenance and a low cost of own- ership, according to the manufacturer. "When a railcar is being emptied, the process needs to be fast, efficient and thorough, because extra time spent unloading, manually cleaning or send- ing cars back with material in them can translate into lost profits or increased costs," explained Marty Yepsen, busi- ness development manager for railcar products at Martin Engineering. "The higher the force to weight ratio, the more force is delivered to the mate- rial, increasing the efficiency of the vibrator." The IMP3 was purpose-built for unload- ing dry powdered bulk materials. If vibrators fail, workers may need to resort to unsafe practices to get materi- al flowing again, such as hammering on the cars or attempting to unclog them from the bottom of the hopper. To avoid these expensive and poten- tially hazardous scenarios, the IMP3 produces 3000 vibrations per minute (vpm) and 3400 lb. (1542 kg) of force, which has been compared to a sledge- hammer blow 50 times per second. The rapid impacts generate a vibratory wave through the metal hopper of the railcar, loosening adhered material to promote fast and even flow. The IMP3 replaces a traditional cast iron housing with an aluminum body coupled with a wedge bracket, and it features an integrated handle for easy gripping and moving. The low weight means that more of the energy is trans- ferred from the unit to the hopper. "Weight and ease of use are important, because transferring the vibrator can be a repetitive motion that produces fatigue and eventual injury," Yepsen said. "This lightweight unit is designed specifically for constant handling in less-than-ideal environments." The IMP3 requires an air supply of 80 psi and 25 cu. ft. per min. (0.012 mps). When operated using a filtered, regu- lated and lubricated air supply, the unit requires virtually no maintenance. Martin Engineering, www.martin-eng.com Mondi Industrial Bags has rolled out its newest version of its celebrated SplashBag. The newest SplashBag 's rain resistance has tripled to up to six hours compared to the one released in 2015. It also prevents moisture ingress for up to five days. "We have introduced a new industry standard here for paper bags to benefit our customers," said Claudio Fedalto, sales and marketing director, Mon- di Industrial Bags. "Workers can now store their cement sacks in damp envi- ronments for a whole working week without worrying about the materials getting wet." SplashBag is designed to absorb less moisture than conventional bags. Its outer ply of Mondi Advantage Protect sack kraft paper has a water-repel- lent surface and is formulated to keep high-tensile strength even in a wet environment. It also helps prevent moisture ingress if conditions are damp or humid during storage. Extensive testing at Mondi's Bag Appli- cation Center has resulted in the per- formance upgrade. A series of Cobb60 tests was conducted by the company to measure water absorption and the results show a 30 percent reduction compared to standard sack kraft paper. These improvements offer even low- er breakage rates and help logistics and site managers save time and costs thanks to reduced wastage and shorter clean-ups. " The improved SplashBag provides customers with the necessary tools for market success. Mondi's Industrial Bags customers and suppliers alike can rely upon the company's long-standing expertise in – and passion for – innova- tive, sustainable and customer-focused paper packaging solutions that guaran- tee a high level of reliability and quali- ty," said Fedalto. SplashBag is available as 25-kg and 35-kg bags, and is particularly suitable for the construction industry. Mondi Industrial Bags, www.mondigroup.com Mondi Releases New SplashBag Powerful Railcar Vibrators

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